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Dmitri Popov
Use QuickMockup for Quick-and-Dirty Prototyping

Jan 27, 2016 GMT

Next time you need to sketch an app interface or a web page layout, you might want to give QuickMockup a try. It may look somewhat crude, but this simple tool lets you whip up quick mockups in no time from the convenience of your favorite browser. Written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, QuickMockup requires no installation. Grab the latest version of the app from the project's GitHub repository, open the index.html file in a browser, and start building mockups. The app offers all basic interface elements such as buttons, drop-down lists, text fields, progress bars, sliders, and more. If you have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can add custom elements too. ...
Markdowned: Markdown Editor in a Single HTML File

Jan 25, 2016 GMT

Markdowned editor indeed consists of a single editable HTML file, which is rather nifty if you think about it. There is no need to install anything, and you can use the editor on any device with a browser. Markdowned is decidedly bare-bones, so it's better suited as a no-frills distraction-free tool for jotting notes and drafting articles, rather than a replacement for a regular markdown editor.That said, Markdowned does have a couple of interesting features. Firstly, Markdown formatting is automatically applied when you print the text, so you get a properly-formatted file. More importantly, Markdowned supports versioning, and it keeps all versions in the same file. Here is how this...
WordPress Desktop App for Linux

Jan 21, 2016 GMT

Not so long ago, Automattic released the WordPress desktop app for all major platforms, including Linux. The idea of using a website via a dedicated desktop app instead of a browser may sound silly, but after having used the app for a while, I must admit that it makes a lot of sense. First of all, everything in the app is faster: navigating through pages and sections, loading articles, customizing -- there are almost no delays or waiting time. As a blogger, you'll appreciate the new streamlined and improved writing interface that is a nice departure from WordPRess' original cluttered editing screen. And as a reader, you'll find the...
KeeWeb: A Better Desktop and Web App for KeePass databases

Jan 20, 2016 GMT

KeePass is one of the best password managers out there, but let's face it: the KeePass 2.x application written in Mono installs a huge number of dependencies and it looks anything but sleek on the Linux desktop. Enter KeeWeb, a lightweight desktop and web app that can handle .kdbx databases and features a polished user-friendly interface. To run KeeWeb on a Linux desktop, grab the latest version of the app from the project's Releases page, unpack the downloaded archive, and run the KeeWeb executable binary. Open then the local .kdbx database, of link KeeWeb to Dropbox to work with databases stored on Dropbox. Instead of running KeeWeb...
Host Media Content with linx-server

Jan 19, 2016 GMT

Another week, another file hosting web application. This time it's linx-server, an app written in Go that has several things going for it. For starters, linx-server can handle mixed content: besides images, it can be used to host videos and publish text snippets. And since the app supports syntax highlighting for many popular languages, you can enlist it for pastebin duties. When adding content, you can enable the expiration option for each item, so the files are automatically removed after a specified period of time. linx-server supports a handful of configuration options, and you can tweak the app's basic settings such as port, site name,...
Instant Mindmapping with MindMapIt

Jan 14, 2016 GMT

Mindmapping -- you either love it or hate it. In case you belong to the former camp, you might want to add MindMapIt to your productivity toolbox. This simple web app lets you create mindmaps on the fly without leaving the convenience of your favorite browser. Since MindMapIt is a mix of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it requires no installation, and it will happily run in any browser. Clone the project's GitHub repository, open the index.html file in a browser, and you are good to go. Of course, you can also deploy MindMapIt on a web server if you prefer to access it via the web. MindMapIt is not exactly overloaded with features, and it's...
Classeur: A Classy Markdown Editor

Jan 07, 2016 GMT

There are probably as many Markdown editors out there as there are bugs in a rain forest. So building yet another editor that supports the popular text formatting markup seems like a royal waste of time. Nevertheless, the developers behind Classeur have managed to produce a Markdown editor that is nothing short of phenomenal. Classeur is available as an installable browser app for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The app works offline, so you don't need a network connection for it to work. The first thing you'll notice when you launch the editor is its polished and highly functional interface. Indeed, after poking around the editor, it becomes apparent that Classeur's developers paid a...

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