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Keep an Eye on Your Server with phpSysInfo

Nov 10, 2011 GMT

Running a server on a local network opens a whole new world of possibilities. You can access your files and documents from multiple machines, stream media, host your own photo gallery or blog, and much more. This also means that you have to monitor your server to make sure it runs smoothly. There are quite a few server monitoring solutions out there, but most of them are overkill for keeping an eye on a single personal server. Enter phpSysInfo, a simple yet powerful script that displays essential system information in an easy-to-digest manner. The best part is that it requires virtually no configuration, and it can be deployed on your server in a matter of minutes. Grab the latest release...
SimET: Lightweight Text Editor for Android

Oct 31, 2011 GMT

SimET is only 21KB in size, which probably makes it the most lightweight text editor available on the Android platform. But the tiny size is not the only highlight of SimET. In addition to being nimble and fast, the text editor sports a couple of handy features, such as the Undo/Redo combo and integration with Sedroid. The latter functionality allows you to send a text selection to the Sedroid app (provided it's installed on your android device) to perform complex text manipulations. In addition to that, the Share command (press the Menu hardware button, and tap on Share) allows you to...
Save Snippets in Pygmynote with the Script

Oct 21, 2011 GMT

As you might already know, I use a home-made Python script called Pygmynote to keep tabs on all kinds of data: from text snippets and links, to tasks and deadlines. Usually, I enter data in Pygmynote manually, but there are situations when having the ability to just push a text selection or link to Pygmynote's SQLite database can come in rather handy. So I wrote a simple Python script that does just that. #!/usr/bin/env python import pygtk, gtk, wx import sqlite3 as sqlite pygtk.require('2.0') DB = 'pygmynote.db' conn = sqlite.connect(DB) cursor = conn.cursor() def escapechar(sel): sel=sel.replace("\'", "\''") sel=sel.replace("\"",...
Manage Web Server and MySQL Remotely with TinyShell

Oct 17, 2011 GMT

TinyShell can come in rather handy when you need to access your web server remotely but can't use SSH. Put TinyShell on your server, and you can access and manage it remotely using a web browser. TinyShell lives up to its name: it's only 250Kb in size and includes only a handful of files. Installing TinyShell couldn't be easier: grab the latest version of the application, unpack the downloaded archive, and move the resulting directory to the document root of your server. Open the config-example.php file in a text editor and specify the desired login credentials. TinyShell features a built-in MySQL command-line client, and if you want to use it for managing MySQL running on your server,...
Extension Watch: Easy Reading with iReader

Oct 14, 2011 GMT

As the layouts of many websites become more and more complex and overloaded with distracting elements, focusing on reading the actual contents becomes increasingly difficult. The iReader extension for Google Chrome (it works with Chromium, too) and Mozilla Firefox solves this problem by extracting the relevant content like the main text of an article from the current page and presenting the content in a nicely formatted and easy to read form. Whenever the extension detects "extractable" content in the currently viewed page, the iReader icon is displayed in the address bar. Click on the icon to open the body text in iReader. Hover...
Easy Geotagging with ExifTool

Oct 11, 2011 GMT

Need to quickly geotag a bunch of photos taken at a specific location? ExifTool is your friend. Using this powerful command-line tool, you can geotag multiple photos with a single command. Before you proceed, make sure that ExifTool is installed on your machine. To install ExifTool on Ubuntu, run the sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl command. Next, you have to obtain the longitude and latitude of the desired geographical location, and feed the coordinates to ExitTool as follows: exiftool -GPSLongitudeRef=E -GPSLongitude=139.7513889 -GPSLatitudeRef=N -GPSLatitude=35.685 *.jpgThis command will geotag all JPEG images in the current directory. Besides GPSLongitudeRef,...
Extend Android's clipboard functionality with ClipShare

Oct 10, 2011 GMT

Although Android supported the cut-and-paste functionality from day one, the system's clipboard feature remains pretty rudimentary: it allows you to store only one clipping at the time, and you can't do much with the clipboard's contents beyond pasting it. And while the standard clipboard feature does the job most of the time, power users looking to extend the clipboard's functionality may appreciate the ClipShare app. Once installed, this tiny (only 72KB) app adds an entry in the Share menu, so you can push text selections and links to ClipShare from any app that supports sharing. ClipShare's key feature is the ability to store multiple...

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