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Dmitri Popov
Quickly Move Files and Text Snippets between Machines Using Dukto

Mar 16, 2012 GMT

Dukto is a simple utility that can come in handy when you need to move files and text snippets between machines on your local network without relying on a third-party service. Dukto is ridiculously easy to use: install it (binaries are available for different Linux distros and platforms), launch it, and the utility automatically detects other machines running Dukto. You can then send a file or an entire folder to any recipient in the Buddies list. To do this, click on the desired recipient, and use the appropriate buttons to send files, folders, or text snippets. The sent files are copied to the recipient's default destination directory. ...
Aard Dictionary: Reference Tool for Linux Desktop and Android

Mar 15, 2012 GMT

Need a dictionary tool that works equally well on a Linux desktop and Android devices? Consider Aard dictionary. This is a rather competent dictionary tool that can handle humongous references like an offline version of Wikipedia with aplomb. Aadict can also manage multiple references and dictionaries, so you can look up a word in multiple sources at once. The application uses its own aar format, and the project's website offers tools for compiling dictionaries. But before you get your hands dirty building your own .aar files, you might want to check the selection of ready-made dictionaries, which include the ever-popular WordNet dictionary, an assortment of Wikipedia files, Wiktionary...
Generate Online Documentation in a Jiffy Using d

Mar 14, 2012 GMT

Turning a bunch of text files into nicely-formatted online documentation can be a real chore, unless you use a helper tool like d. This Python-based software can convert text files formatted using the Markdown markup into a ready-to-publish set of HTML pages. To deploy d on your system, you need to install a few packages. On the latest version of Ubuntu and its derivatives, you can do this by running the following commands: sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev sudo pip install --upgrade pip sudo pip install --upgrade virtualenv sudo pip install dOn Debian and earlier Ubuntu releases, you can install d using the easy_setup tool: apt-get...
Dress Up Bash Scripts with YAD

Mar 12, 2012 GMT

If you want to add a dash of GUI goodness to your Bash scripts, you have several options. You can use Zenity or Kdialog to quickly add simple dialogs and message boxes to Bash scripts. However, both tools are rather limited, and for a more complex GUI design you might want to give YAD a try. If you are using Ubuntu, you can install YAD from the WebUpd8 PPA. Of course, you can compile YAD from source using the standard ./configure; make; make install routine.YAD can be used to add simple and advanced GUI elements to a Bash script with relative ease. For example, I need to resize photos I post on Google+ almost daily, so I whipped up a simple Bash script sprinkled with YAD GUI elements: ...
Qute: A Sleek, No-Frills Text Editor

Feb 29, 2012 GMT

Unlike other distraction-free text editors, Qute offers a writing environment that is both sleek and easy on your eyes. The editor features several rather attractive themes and a selection of high-quality fonts. But the pleasant appearance is not the only thing that sets Qute apart from other distraction-free editors. Qute supports Markdown markup for formatting text, and it does so in a somewhat novel way. When you create a new paragraph or click on an existing one, the editor displays it in the editing mode, so you can format the text using Markdown markup. When you are done editing the paragraph, double-click on it to switch the...
Simplifying Writing Workflow

Feb 27, 2012 GMT

Simplifying Writing WorkflowFrom time immemorial, I've been using Writer and then LibreOffice Writer as my writing tool of choice. I even wrote several custom macros and the Writer's Tools extension to make my writing workflow more efficient. But all these years, I've been using only a fraction of Writer's functionality 90% of the time. So I finally decided to leave the comfort of LibreOffice Writer and simplify my writing workflow by moving to a different tool set. After trying several text editors, I settled for Sublime Text. This text editor is not free, but it offers a slew of useful features like customizable keyboard shortcuts, code highlighting schemes, snippets, the...
Manage SQLite Databases with phpLiteAdmin

Feb 23, 2012 GMT

If you happen to use a web-based or regular application that relies on an SQLite database for storing data, you might appreciate the phpLiteAdmin tool. This lightweight utility consists of a single 150KB PHP script that requires no installation. Open the script in a text editor, and modify the $password and $directory parameters. The latter should point to the directory containing SQLite databases. Drop the script to the document root of your server, and point your browser to (replace with the actual IP address or domain name of your server). Despite its tiny size, phpLiteAdmin is a rather capable...

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