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Dmitri Popov
Back up Email with a Single Command

Mar 03, 2011 GMT

The Web is awash with tutorials on how to back up your email. Strangely, none of them covers probably the easiest and most efficient email backup system based on the excellent IMAP Grab utility. This tiny Python script acts as a user-friendly wrapper for the getmail tool. Using the script, you can set up a fool-proof email backup solution using just a single command.Deploying the IMAP Grab backup solution is a cinch. First off, install the getmail package using your distro's package manager. Download then the latest IMAP Grab package, unzip it, and move the file to the directory of your choosing. Make the script executable using the chmod +x command.To make sure...
Extension Watch: Copy Without Formatting Extension for Google Chrome and Chromium

Feb 28, 2011 GMT

The Copy Without Formatting extension fixes one of the biggest annoyances in the Google Chrome and Chromium browsers. When you copy a text fragment, the extension automatically strips it of all formatting. This way, you don't have to reformat the text snippet manually, when you paste it in a document.This one-trick pony extension can be a great time-saver, and you can tweak its settings to your liking in the Options section. Here you replace the default keyboard shortcut with your own as well as enable the Auto-copy feature which automatically copies the selection. You can also enable the floating button which appears when you select a text fragment. This allows you to perform the copy...
Instant Photo Sharing with

Feb 22, 2011 GMT

Photo sharing services are a dime a dozen these days, but stands out from the crowd for two reasons. Firstly, it makes the process of sharing photos ridiculously simple. Secondly, it offers software for the Linux desktop and the Android platform, so you can share photos directly from your machine or mobile device. Sharing photos using is a one-step procedure. Point your browser to and drag the photos you want to share onto the Web page. This automatically creates a new gallery and uploads the selected photos to it. That's all there is to it. Minus generates short URLs for each photo and the entire gallery which...
Read ODF Documents on Android with OpenOffice Document Reader

Feb 14, 2011 GMT

Despite its name, the OpenOffice Document Reader (OODR) app for Android can handle not only Writer documents, but also LibreOffice and ODF files. OODR is not exactly overloaded with features, but it does support some basic text formatting and images, and it lets you copy text. When installed, OODR acts as a helper tool for several popular apps, including Dropbox, File Expert, and ASTRO File Manager. This means that you can view ODF documents from within these apps using OODR. You can also use OODR to open ODF attachments in the Gmail app. Although OODR is decidedly a bare-bones app, it can come in rather handy when you need...
Create a Multi-boot USB Stick with MultiSystem

Feb 11, 2011 GMT

Thanks to tools like Unetbootin and Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator, creating a bootable USB stick with your favorite Linux distro has never been easier. But both of these utilities have one tiny shortcoming: they allow you to install only one distro on a USB stick. Enter MultiSystem, a nifty tool that can squeeze several distros on to a single USB stick. Not only that, MultiSystem lets you add a persistent storage for each distro, and the tool automatically generates a boot menu with a few handy options. An older version of MultiSystem is available in the Ubuntu software repository, but if you want to install the very latest release of the...
Look up Words with Purple Dictionary

Jan 28, 2011 GMT

Although Gnome comes with a dictionary application, it's not the most polished tool out there. Its major shortcoming is the lack of text formatting, which makes dictionary articles more difficult to read. Enter the Purple dictionary application. Developed as a part of the Elementary project, this lightweight and slick dictionary tool is perfect for quickly looking up words from the convenience of your desktop. While Purple is decidedly a bare-bones application, it presents articles as nicely formatted text. In addition to that, the left sidebar provides quick access to previous articles and the Bookmark feature lets you bookmark articles...
LibreOffice 3.3 is Ready for Public Consumption

Jan 25, 2011 GMT

Good news for those who have been waiting for a stable release of the LibreOffice fork of The wait is over: The Document Foundation has announced the availability of LibreOffice 3.3. Although at first sight LibreOffice 3.3 looks pretty much like the previous versions, the new release sports a handful of new features and under-the-hood improvements. The most notable additions include new Microsoft Works and Lotus Word Pro document import filters, support for SVG graphics, an improved Navigator tool in Writer, and a slew of tweaks in the Calc spreadsheet application. A list of all tweaks and improvements is available for your...

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