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Dmitri Popov
Easy Geotagging with ExifTool

Oct 11, 2011 GMT

Need to quickly geotag a bunch of photos taken at a specific location? ExifTool is your friend. Using this powerful command-line tool, you can geotag multiple photos with a single command. Before you proceed, make sure that ExifTool is installed on your machine. To install ExifTool on Ubuntu, run the sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl command. Next, you have to obtain the longitude and latitude of the desired geographical location, and feed the coordinates to ExitTool as follows: exiftool -GPSLongitudeRef=E -GPSLongitude=139.7513889 -GPSLatitudeRef=N -GPSLatitude=35.685 *.jpgThis command will geotag all JPEG images in the current directory. Besides GPSLongitudeRef,...
Extend Android's clipboard functionality with ClipShare

Oct 10, 2011 GMT

Although Android supported the cut-and-paste functionality from day one, the system's clipboard feature remains pretty rudimentary: it allows you to store only one clipping at the time, and you can't do much with the clipboard's contents beyond pasting it. And while the standard clipboard feature does the job most of the time, power users looking to extend the clipboard's functionality may appreciate the ClipShare app. Once installed, this tiny (only 72KB) app adds an entry in the Share menu, so you can push text selections and links to ClipShare from any app that supports sharing. ClipShare's key feature is the ability to store multiple...
Track Tasks with Wunderlist

Oct 05, 2011 GMT

A slick open source task manager that runs on virtually any platform and can sync data across multiple devices? Sounds like a pipe dream, until you try Wunderlist. This is not the most advanced tasks manager out there, but it features a thought-out interface which is a real pleasure to use. More importantly, it's available for all major platforms, including Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and Android. It's also available as a Web-based application, so you can access and manage your tasks from virtually any computer with Internet access. Best of all, Wunderlist transparently syncs data between all your devices.Wunderlist is available as a ready-to-run precompiled package, and deploying it...
KeePassDroid: Password Safe for Your Android Device

Aug 28, 2011 GMT

KeePass is an indispensable tool for managing passwords on your Linux desktop, but what if you need to have access to your passwords when you are on the move? KeePassDroid provides a solution for that, assuming you're using an Android device. This nifty little app has all the features you need to keep tabs on your passwords when you are out and about. KeePassDroid supports both older password databases created with KeePass 1 and new databases in the kdbx format. You can use the app to create empty databases directly on your Android device, although this feature allows you to create databases in the older kdb format only. Similar to the...
Read Ebooks with Kindle Cloud Reader

Aug 17, 2011 GMT

If you consider the lack of Amazon Kindle applications for the Linux desktop a nuisance, you will appreciate the recently launched Kindle Cloud Reader browser app that works with Google Chrome and Chromium on Linux. Although this app doesn't provide all the functionality of the Amazon Kindle desktop application, the Cloud Reader is a rather slick solution for reading books bought via Amazon Kindle without leaving the convenience of your browser. Installing the Kindle Cloud Reader is as easy as visiting in the Chrome or Chromium browser. You will be prompted to install a browser app, and once you've done that you can access and read all your books purchased though...
Collect and Analyze Web Stats with SlimStat

Jul 29, 2011 GMT

Collect and Analyze Web Stats with SlimStatPiwik is an excellent open source alternative to Google Analytics, but it might be overkill if you are in the market for a lightweight web analytics solution. In this case, SlimStat can be what you are looking for. This no-frills application is easy to deploy, and it collects all essential data about your visitors and presents them in an easy-to-comprehend form. SlimStat comes with a simple setup wizard which guides you through the installation process. Once SlimStat is up and running, insert the <script type="text/javascript" src="/slimstat/?js"></script> line into the pages you want to track. Alternatively, you...
Dress up LibreOffice with Faenza-like Icons

Jul 27, 2011 GMT

While each new release of LibreOffice brings new features and improvements, the productivity suite still sports the same old icon themes. Fortunately, you can freshen up LibreOffice's appearance by replacing the default icon theme like the Faenza Mod. As the name suggests, this icon theme is derived from the stylish monochrome Faenza icon set. Installing the Faenza Mod icon theme on Ubuntu requires a few simple commands. First install the Oxygen icon theme (you can skip this step if you are using Kubuntu): sudo apt-get install libreoffice-style-oxygenGrab the latest version of the Faenza Mod package, and rename the downloaded archive to...

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