$1000 Stipend for Usability Students from Google and Canonical

May 01, 2009

Ten stipends have been made available in the Season of Usabilty from June to August 2009 with an applications deadline of May 20.

Applicants must be enrolled students of design, usabilty, human factors or other related majors. Students of computer science and information systems who want to take part will have to prove they have at least one course in these subjects. Projects include Ubuntu, Gnome, Amorak, Korganizer, Drupal and five others. Participants will work between ten to fiftenn hours a week on the projects from June to August and the 1000 USD stipend will be awarded upon completion of a successful project.

Bids should specify which of the ten open source projects are of interest to the applicant but concrete ideas are not required. Those wishing to take part on more than one project should send the relevant number of applications. During the three months, participants will work closely with a technical and a usability mentor who will have to give the completed project a satisfactory rating if the $1000 is to be awarded. The action is part of Google's Summer of Code but became a different name because its explicity not aimed at software developers.

Applications can be sent by mail in PDF or ODF. More details can be found on the season website.

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