Dragora Linux 2.0: 100% Free

Apr 14, 2010

Dragora, a Linux distro that uses exclusively free software, is available in version 2.0.

Even the embedded Linux-Libre kernel includes no elements that aren't explicitly under a free license. In the new Dragora release, the kernel is version

The Argentine distro uses Runit for system startup. Clzip 1.0 and Lzip 1.0 help in Dragora 2.0 for a fast unpacking of the software package. The developers create the packages from scratch from the upstream sources. The GCC version used is 4.4.3 and OpenSSL is version 1.0.0. The new package also includes the Curl HTTP tool and the Expat parser to supplement Git version control.

The CD installation image for Dragora 2.0 is available for download on the primarily Spanish language homepage.

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  • Think about Dragora

    Independent, reliable, powerfull, simple, light, and fast linux.
    The most important keypoint is "FROM SCATCH" (like embedded linux).
    I hope Dragora will make SERVER edition.
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