Fedora Turns Five

Sep 30, 2008

End of September the Fedora project celebrates its fifth year of existence. The community supported by Red Hat will release its tenth distribution.

The developers reveal a few statistics for its quinquennial. The community now has 13,500 so-called Fedora Account System Members with direct participation. The forthcoming development branch that will become Fedora 10 will include 6,500 source packages and over 10,000 binary packages.

The project has held 16 conferences, known as FUDCons (Fedora User and Developer Conferences), not to speak of countless FUDPub events. The actual birthday is September 24.

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  • Fedora Awards Student Scholarships

    Sponsored by the Linux distributor Red Hat Inc.,the Fedora project has introduced a new scholarship program for students around the globe who have contributed to free software, particularly to the Fedora project.

  • Fedora Project Board Starts into 2010

    The project chair has appointed Red Hat employee Colin Walters to the board. John Poelstra begins the year with open feedback to the board's work.

  • Paul Frields Takes Over at Fedora

    Max Spevack, the leader of the free Fedora distribution project stepped down at the FUDCon and announced Paul Frields as his successor.

  • Welcome

    I'm not sure if Red Hat's decision to join forces with CentOS will turn the whole FOSS world upside down, but as a chess move, it is quite an interesting development. You might say it is one of those events that seems unexpected when it happens, but when you look back, it seems inevitable.

    Pardon my surprise, but seriously, less than a year ago, I was sitting in an editorial meeting pondering whether we could safely advertise a CentOS DVD as being "based on Red Hat source code" without getting sued. And by the way, we've never had a Red Hat Enterprise Linux DVD. Why? Because no company that makes its livelihood selling a product wants to see someone else give that product away for free.

  • Red Hat Partners With Arizona State University for FUDCon

    This year the North American Fedora User and Developers Conference (FUDCon) will be held at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona from January 29-31.


  • Fedora Turns Five

    End of September the Fedora project celebrates its fifth year of existence. The community supported by Red Hat will release its tenth distribution. For those who feel that the concept of this story is insightful, the probability is you are thinking about using Linux as your number one or simply a substitute Operating system when you find yourself simply sick and tired of your old OS. Though the majority feel that Linux is too difficult that it is attractive only to geeks, Linux-magazine.com can certainly demonstrate that this awesome operating-system is essentially for all people. It is regularly entertaining to find out about Fedora Turns Five.

    Rosette Elgas,
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