FreeBSD 8.0 with Production-Ready ZFS

Nov 27, 2009

The FreeBSD project has released its 8.0 version of the free UNIX operating system, thereby starting a new stable branch.

The FreeBSD group declared the ZFS transactional filesystem production-ready in the new release. The Sun-based filesystem is under its CDDL licensing that prevents it from adoption into the Linux kernel.

In matters virtualization FreeBSD can serve as host or guest for VirtualBox and guest for Xen. The typical BSD "jails" are organized hierarchically. The developers also completely rewrote the USB system and NFS v4 has experimental implementation support. The MIPS platform also has experimental support. The GNOME desktop environment supported is version 2.26.3 and KDE is 4.3.1.

The FreeBSD release notes have the release highlights, with another version going into further details.

The new BSD release is available for download on 32-bit and 64-bit Intel processors, AMD64, PowerPC and SPARC64, with images for various installation methods.

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