GNOME 2.30 in March, 3.0 Not Until September 2010

Nov 10, 2009

Following some lengthy discussion about the release milestone for the upcoming GNOME Linux desktop major version, September 2010 was finally determined for GNOME 3.0.

In the meantime, GNOME 2.30 is to appear in March 2010, according to Vincent Untz of the release team, thereby maintaining the six-month cycle. The GNOME team decided, after some discussion, to push back the 3.0 release to give the desktop more stability and fuller functions.

Untz emphasized that "this release date for 3.0 doesn't mean that 2.30 will be less stable than usual." "Rough on the edges" parts will still be excluded and what the GNOME 3.0 plan has set will then go into the major release next September, the result being that both releases will be solid.

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