KDE 4.1.0 Backports for Debian's Lenny

Aug 22, 2008

The stable version of Debian 5.0 is scheduled for September, but KDE backports are available already.

Debian developer Ana Lopez has announced on her blog the release of backports for Lenny, codename of the stable version of Debian 5,0, which is scheduled for release in September. Lopez gives a description of the backports and a reminder that KDE 4.1.0 is not yet quite as stable as the KDE 3.5x version.

Information on how Debian users can utilize the backports is shown on the KDE 4.1.0 website, including advice on which package to choose for the relevant language. KDE 4 is available in two flavors: ''kde4- minimal'' allows a minimal installation of the desktop, and ''kde4'' provides a full installation. Information on uninstalling the backports is also available on the website.

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