Linux-Based IP-Video Monitoring Kit

Aug 28, 2007

US vendor Micronas recently launched a Linux-based hardware and software developer kit for network-based DVD quality video monitoring.

The miniature IP camera referred to as "Cypher ESN7108A SoC" is based on Micronas' own Cypher 7108A SoC (System-on-Chip). This embedded system is driven by an undisclosed 32-bit MIPS processor. According to the specifications, the on-chip video encoder supports realtime encoding with the MPEG-4 (Advanced Simple Profile), MPEG-2, MPEG-1 and H.263 codecs. In the case of MPEG 4, the video stream is additionally compressed. Supported audio codecs are MPEG 1/2 Layers I and II, and Dolby Digital AC3. A VPN can be used for network transmissions. To allow this to happen, the board includes a crypto chip for AES encryption. Further hardware components include 128M RAM, 8MB Flash memory, an assortment of sensors and a hard disk. A WiFi interface is optionally available.

The software developer environment is based on a 2.6 series kernel and includes motion detection and bitrate configuration applications. Bitrates between 128Kbps and 6Mbps are supported. Videos can be output in Microsoft ASF and AVI, Quicktime, MJPEG and MPEG transport formats. Streams can use both single and multicast Internet protocols such as RTSP.

Micronas sees the main fields of application for the kit as a basis for network-based, computerized TV, facility monitoring, or the establishment of telecommunications networks.

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