LinuxTag 2009: Talend Does Real-Time Data Integration

Jun 23, 2009

Just in time for LinuxTag 2009 Berlin, California firm Talend promises real-time data integration software.

Talend Integration Suite RTx should significantly accelerate data transfers over IT systems and thereby ensure that coworkers have real-time access to current data. Talend cofounder Fabrice Bonen sees increasing demand for it because of the current velocity of processing needs: "IT organizations need to provide efficient and reliable technology to ensure the consistency of data across the information system, and its immediate availability for efficient decision-making." He gives an example of Webshops for the software's application: when they're aware of the real-time needs of its customers, they can more quickly respond with the appropriate offerings and promotions. Other users would be service and support providers that could provide better customer support by profiting from real-time data from various sources.

The foundation of the integration software is the metadata manager, a building block for graphic description of processes, and the job designer, which transforms data into desired formats. The new Integration Suite RTx is, according to its designers, especially applicable for service-oriented architectures in that SOAP bindings and UDDI entries are automated. The integration software handles the instantiation and resource management. Another feature is that execution is event-based. Results are read over the enterprise service bus (ESB), remote connections, HTTP, socket calls and JMS-based message-oriented middleware. A Change Data Capture feature allows proactive, real-time detection of changes in data sources.

Talend Integration Suite RTx is available immediately under commercial licensing starting at around $11,000 per developer per year. Developer software Talend Open Studio 3.1.2, under GPLv2 licensing, is the basis for the commercial product and can be downloaded for free. Talend will be demonstrating its Integration Suite at LinuxTag on June 24 in Berlin.

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