New Version of UndoDB Released

Jun 15, 2012

Undo Software releases new version of UndoDB which touts improved performance and scalability features.

Undo Software has released a new version of UndoDB – a powerful Linux debugger tool. The company says, “New features, support for more systems, and improved performance help to make Linux developers more productive than ever. Many bugs that would otherwise have taken weeks to fix can be fixed in just minutes with UndoDB.”

According to the announcement, UndoDB can record everything that any Linux program does; it then allows developers to see exactly what happened and home in on bugs. The latest version of UndoDB  includes several enhancements that make developers even more productive. It includes an improved user interface provides integration with other development tools (e.g., gdb 7, Eclipse, and Emacs). 

UndoDB also features improved performance and scalability, the ability to turn on recording mid-way through a debugging session, the ability to debug applications and libraries that rely heavily on ioctls (e.g., CUDA and OpenGL applications), and an autotracer feature.

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