Red Hat Satellite 5.3 Gets New Functionality

Sep 04, 2009

The new version of the Red Hat Satellite server expands functionality, including in the areas of client management and the API.

The installation and management applet Cobbler is integrated into the new version 5.3 of Red Hat Satellite.

The newly integrated Cobbler installation software should make sys admin tasks such as package installation, channel subscriptions to the Red Hat network and DHCP and DNS configurations easier. Cobbler also works with the Koan tool to help clone existing systems in virtual environments.

New to version 5.3 is also the possibility to migrate to remote locations in so-called "trust relationships" between two mor more organizations. Along with it is a new synchronization function that brings systems between a master and slave satellite to an equal status. Red Hat even highlights the expanded API: what is possible in the Web interface is now also possible in the programming interface.

Further enhancements are listed on the Red Hat News page and the Satellite FAQ includes some specifics on pricing

The Cobbler Linux installation server was first tried out in the community version of the Satellite server, the Spacewalk project. Red Hat first provided Satellite in this form and open source in 2008.

With the Red Hat Network Satellite Server system management software sys admins can provide their systems with updates and manage large and distributed infrastructures.

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