Sun xVM: Another Virtualization Solution

Nov 15, 2007

The hot topic of virtualization has developed into a must have for any vendor’s portfolio: following Oracle, Sun has now announced its own virtualization and management platform titled xVM.

Both were presented at the Oracle Open World fair (see the separate news item here). Just like Oracle, Sun’s server-based solution relies on the free Xen hypervisor. And just like Oracle, Sun’s focus is on integrating its own technologies. Sun’s Solaris 10 operating system is supported besides Linux and Windows. There is no need to do without Sun’s Predictive Self-Healing if you run Solaris 10 as a guest operating system, and Sun promises ZFS support for Linux and Windows.

Administrators can use the "xVM Ops Center" as a tool to manage virtual and physical components. The hardware underpinnings can be 64 bit systems or SPARCs. AMD and Intel suggested their 64 bit Opteron and Xeon CPUs as perfect candidates. And the powers that be at MySQL AB and Quest Software made similar recommendations for database and management products.

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