Teamtrac combines version control, ticket and working hour data

Aug 06, 2007

Teamtrac combines data from ticketing systems, version control and time recording, and generates statistical data. Version 0.5 of this Web-based software has now been released under GPLv2.

Software projects can use the tool to discover how long ticket processing has taken, or how much time a developer has spent in achieving specific milestones.

Teamtrac targets teams who already use a version control system such as CVS or Subversion, a bug tracker such as Trac or Bugzilla, or time recording software. The working hours can be acquired in programs such as Tutos or Kimai, or in flat spreadsheet format.

The software requires a Web server with PHP 4 support and the Smarty template engine. The GD graphics library is also required for dynamic chart generation. Some modules additionally need a database. Users authenticate against the Web server, Apache for example.

Despite the low version number, the Teamtrac developers claim that their software is stable. The software has now been released for the first time on the Freshmeat Web portal. Developers report successful operations with 6000 Subversion changesets and 16000 ticket changes in Trac. For further details and for the PHP program code visit the Teamtrac Homepage.

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