Tin Hat: Linux with Paranoia

Jul 28, 2009

Tin Hat, a Linux distribution based on hardened Gentoo, has been released in version 20090727.

Developers have updated the Glibc to version 2.9 and built the distro from GCC 4.3.3 sourcecode whereby the "-fstack-protector-all" flag was used, apart from with Glibc and Evilution which used the "-fstack-protector".

The kernel has been tweaked up to version 2.6.28-hardened-r9, and around 90 software packages received an update from Upstream-Gentoo. For example: Postfix to version 2.5.7, Firefox to 3.0.11 and Portage to A complete list of changes for both amd64 and i686 can be found on the projects webpage.

Tin Hat boots from CD or pendrive and unpacks compressed files directly into RAM, making it slow to boot but quick to use, promise the makers. Needing up to 4 Gbyte of RAM, the unusual methodology is designed to leave no trace of data on the motherboard. Further information and images to download is available at the Tin Hat homepage.

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