Issue #193 / Dec 2016

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DVD: Arch Linux and Chapeau 24

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This month's issue brims full with tools and insights on real-world Linux. A couple highlights:

  • Deep Learning - add color to your black and white photos using the power of a neural network.
  • Cordova - this fertile framework from the Apache foundation lets you roll out apps for eight operating systems.

A special welcome to our friends in the Linux Voice community. Check out our new Linux Voice section.

SERVICE: Welcome


SERVICE: This Month's DVD



Updates on technologies, trends, and tools

NEWS: Kernel News

Chronicler Zack Brown reports on the latest news, views, dilemmas, and developments within the Linux kernel community.

NEWS: @L:Meet Greg Kroah-Hartman

An interview with Greg Kroah-Hartman


: Geotagging

Embedding geotags in digital photos

Add location data to your best digital images with digiKam and GPS Correlate.

REVIEWS: Skype for Linux

We test drive the latest Skype for Linux

The old Microsoft gave the cold shoulder to Skype for Linux, neither updating it nor equipping it with new features. The new Microsoft promises to do better, with a brand new alpha prerelease version of a Linux client for the famous telephony tool.

REVIEWS: Office Suites

Putting office suites to the test

In the office, the interoperability and cooperation of a few programs play an important role. We take the four big Linux office suites to task and see how well they cope with non-native formats.

IN-DEPTH: Deep Learning

Gimp and neural networks

Deep learning isn't just for industrial automation tasks. With a little help from Gimp and some special neural network tools, you can add color to your old black and white images.

IN-DEPTH: Cryptomator

Cryptomator protects in the cloud

Make files fit for the cloud with Cryptomator by encrypting content and obscuring the name and size of each file.

IN-DEPTH: PowerShell in Linux

Microsoft's PowerShell for Linux

Microsoft released its PowerShell under a free license in August 2016 and ported the tool to Linux and Mac OS. Is PowerShell for Linux a mere marketing ploy or a real contender that can compete with native Linux shells?


Exploring the FOSS alternative to Twitter

GNU social is a free and open source microblogging platform similar to Twitter. You can join one of the public federated servers or set up your own in minutes.

IN-DEPTH: Ask Klaus!

Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions


IN-DEPTH: Cordova

Developing apps with Apache Cordova

Roll out an app elegantly and quickly for up to eight operating systems using the Cordova framework. According to the Apache Foundation, the only requirements are knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


cURLing up to file transfers

cURL is a powerful file transfer tool that is simple to learn but can get you in trouble if you don't keep track of your options.

IN-DEPTH: Workspace – Termux

Termux for Android

Termux transforms an Android device into a lightweight and versatile Linux environment. This article introduces you to this must-have app.

IN-DEPTH: Charly's Column – Outsmarting WhatsApp

The sys admin's daily grind: Yowsup

Sys admin Charly likes to keep up with the state of his domestic strawberry plants, so he has outsmarted WhatsApp to allow status messages to be sent through the service from a PC or Raspberry Pi.

LINUX VOICE: Introduction



The Linux Voice view on what's going on in the world of Free Software

You don't control that device you think you own.

LINUX VOICE: There's a Storm Brewing

Should the FSF be thinking about a code of conduct?

LINUX VOICE: What's new in Vim 8

We explore the new goodies in the latest release of this classic text editor.




Big data is like The Matrix – Better without the sequel

LINUX VOICE: Core Technologies

One ip tool to rule them all

Prise the back off Linux and find out what really makes it tick.


Sparkling gems and new releases from the world of Free and Open Source Software


The tastiest brain candy to relax those tired neurons



Combine Ansible and Docker to streamline software deployment



Turbo-charge your command-line workflow with Tmux


Issue 193/2016

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