Issue 13: Powerhouse Perl 2nd Ed. Apr 2013

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Power up your Perl Productivity! New to Perl? Check out our comprehensive introduction by Perl expert Randal L. Schwartz. Perlmeister Mike Schilli explains how to optimize and debug your Perl scripts, then he'll help you advance your Perl know-how with 11 cool Perl projects:

  • Math Tricks: Solve math problems with Perl
  • Daily Tip: Perl with an SQLite database
  • AJAX: Add dynamic updates to web pages
  • isp-switch: Switch your computer to another ISP if your connection goes down
  • MAC Addresses: Monitor your network for unfamiliar MAC addresses
  • Multimeter: Read and interpret data from an external device
  • Google Chart: Create custom graphs
  • Twitter: Help your scripts send Tweets
  • Webcam: Control a web camera with Perl
  • Perl Gardening: Water your house plants with a little help from Perl
  • GPS: Extract data from a GPS device and plot it on a Yahoo! map

Issue 231/2020

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