A report from FOSDEM 2008

Package Managers

Besides this, there were talks about package managers such as Conary and Klik and build systems like CMake and SCons. Trends such as virtualization and state-of-the-art web development were also on the agenda.

Video Stream

Linux Pro Magazine/Linux Magazine hosted a live video stream throughout the event [3]. Visit our website to watch the archive version of the stream.

Eight Years of Inspiration

Now into its eighth year, FOSDEM remains an informal, innovative, and independent event.

Entry is still free, and there are no talks by commercial enterprises. The event is organized by volunteers and financed by sponsors.


  1. FOSDEM: http://www.fosdem.org
  2. Apt-Xapian: http://enricozini.org/2007/debtags/apt-xapian-index.html
  3. Linux Pro Magazine/Linux Magazine International video stream: http://streaming.linux-magazin.de/en/

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Read full article as PDF:

FOSDEM_2008_Event_Report.pdf  (418.62 kB)


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