KDE 4 Too Late for Fedora 8

Aug 31, 2007

The next release of the Fedora Linux Distribution, version 8, will not use KDE 4 as its standard desktop environment. The reason for this is conflict between the two projects' schedules.

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Virt-Manager & Co: Updated Virtualization Helpers

Aug 30, 2007

Red Hat's Emerging Technologies working group has now released Virtual Machine Manager (Virt-manager) version 0.5.0, a desktop application that gives administrators the ability to manage virtual machines running on, say, Xen.

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Ubuntu 8.04 – New Version with Long Term Support

Aug 30, 2007

April next year will see the release of Ubuntu 8.04, the next distribution with long term support for professional use.

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Mandriva Sees Light at End of Tunnel

Aug 29, 2007

A new website, restructuring of consumer business and various activities involving hardware, software and service partners have been announced by Mandriva boss Francois Bacilhon.

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Aug 24, 2007
The iconic Debian Project has long been a Linux leader. Debian is built by a worldwide army of hundreds of developer......
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GUADEC 2007 The 2007 Gnome Users and Developers Conference

Aug 24, 2007

More than 400 Gnome users and developers gathered in the United Kingdom for the July 2007 GUADEC conference.

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Automated Solution by TCS Hardens Red Hat Servers

Aug 22, 2007

US security vendor Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS) recently presented a solution for automating server hardening.

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4.0r1: First Update for Debian Etch

Aug 17, 2007

Right on time to celebrate the project's 14th birthday, Debian developers gave themselves a big present – the first Point Release for Debian Etch 4.0.

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