LinuxWorld Video: Joe Brockmeier on openSUSE

Aug 06, 2008

Linux Pro Magazine's Editor in Chief, Joe Casad meets Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier at LinuxWorld in San Francisco

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Tux Redux

Jul 25, 2008

Daniel Phillips has relaunched his Tux filesystem. After Tux2 failed due to patenting issues eight years ago, Phillips has now invited developers to collaborate on Tux3.

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Mark Shuttleworth: “Blasting Past” Apple and not Forgetting Windows

Jul 25, 2008

In his keynote at OSCON (O'Reilly Open Source Convention) in Portland (Oregon), Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth talked about his vision of a future Linux.

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Linux New Media Awards 2006 Linux New Media Awards 2006

Jul 15, 2008

Community and commercial cooperation is increasingly important in the Open Source world. At this year’s Linux New Media Awards, we were the first to award a prize for the best combination of fire and water. This year’s awards were presented at the LinuxWorld Expo in Cologne, Germany.

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Community Notes Community Notes

Jul 11, 2008

Jon catches up with Linux users in London and rounds up the activities of some Linux User Groups around the world.

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The Last of LugRadio

Jul 02, 2008

Jono Bacon recently announced that the LugRadio Live UK show will be the final show. In his announcement, Jono said, "I am massively proud of what we have managed to achieve. Over 100 shows, 7 full-time presenters and countless guest presenters, 200+ hours of audio, 100+ guests, 2million+ downloads, 1000+ forums members, 40000+ forums posts, 5 live events in two countries, 5000+ emails to the show and an incredible community."

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Kernel Developers Petition Against Closed Source Drivers

Jun 24, 2008

Kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman has invited other kernel developers to sign a petition against closed source kernel modules.

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Freenet Free communications on the Freenet network.

May 31, 2008

The Free Network Project provides a safe environment for free speech – even for users who fear censorship.

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