Flowplayer 3.0 Web Video Player

Nov 27, 2008

With the release of version 3.0, the development of Flowplayer's free Flash player has reached another milestone.

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Flash Alternative: Processing Version 1.0

Nov 26, 2008

This past weekend has produced a version 1.0 of Processing, a Flash alternative product that runs under GPL.

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DVD Ripper HandBrake Now With GUI

Nov 25, 2008

According to an announcement on the HandBrake website, the new version 0.9.3 of the Handbrake DVD ripper comes complete with a GUI.

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It's Final: SCO Loses, Novell Wins

Nov 21, 2008

After five years of litigation between SCO and Novell, the final judgment from the U.S. District Court in Utah is that the rights to Unix belong to Novell. SCO, which is already financially stressed, owes Novell around 2.5 million dollars.

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Mitchell Baker: Mozilla Defies Current Crisis

Nov 20, 2008

The Mozilla Foundation has published its audited financial statements and tax form for 2007. Chairperson Mitchell Baker uses the event to review Mozilla's performance and despite the current financial turmoil, sees good prospects for the future.

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VIA Partners with OpenChrome Video Driver Project

Nov 20, 2008

Taiwanese firm VIA Technologies, specializing in chipsets and the x86 platform, has gone into a cooperative agreement with the OpenChrome video driver project to help in their development effort.

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Patent Dispute Forces Openmoko Housecleaning

Nov 18, 2008

The Openmoko project, developers of an open source mobile phone platform, has recently pulled its download site offline due to a patent dispute.

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Debian: 14 Seconds to Boot

Nov 14, 2008

An article from the Debian-Administration.org community describes how to boot up Debian much faster on an Asus Eee 901. Its author, Phil Endecott, claims to do it within 14 seconds using his method.

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