Google Phone Competitor: Vodafone with Linux from Azingo

Feb 12, 2009

Sunnyvale CA company Azingo is to develop a Linux-based platform for mobile phone provider Vodafone.

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Debian Seeks Hardware Sponsors

Feb 10, 2009

An email appeal by Joey Schulze is calling for hardware donations to support two new Debian projects: snapshot and data archive.

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Sun: Growth Engine Open Source

Feb 04, 2009

In the classic business of high end infrastructure, Sun has been experiencing diminishing sales. The company recently presented its sales figures at the Munich preview to the CeBIT trade show, which opens in March, along with a hint of what they will focus on at the show.

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Novell's SUSE on Dell Thin Clients

Feb 03, 2009

SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client is now pre-installed on the newest Dell thin clients.

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Asus Eee PC 1000HE with 9.5-Hour Battery

Feb 03, 2009

Asus is taking pre-orders for a new netbook that runs on the combined Atom N280/GN40 chipset.

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Slamd64: Slackware for 64-bit

Feb 03, 2009

Fred Emmott has released the Slackware-based 64-bit distro with kernel.

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A Little Overclocking: Record Set for Phenom II under Linux

Feb 02, 2009

For real overclocking you need liquid nitrogen and helium. All you need to do in winter is open your window.

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Intel's Moblin2 Starts Netbooks Faster

Jan 30, 2009

With Moblin2 Intel is taking another shot at developing a distro that runs on mobile Internet devices and netbooks. The first alpha of the small distro boots up fast.

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