Linus Torvalds Upset over Ext3 and Ext4

Mar 30, 2009

Linus Torvalds, Ted Ts'o, Alan Cox, Ingo Molnar, Andrew Morton and other Linux kernel developers are embroiled in a contentious discussion over the sense -- or nonsense -- of journaling and delayed allocation before a commit in the ext3 and ext4 filesystems. Heavy words are flying.

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check_logfiles Log file analysis with the Nagios check_logfiles plugin

Mar 29, 2009

The Nagios check_logfiles plugin helps you monitor your logfiles – even if the logs rotate and change names.

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MRTG Visualizing system performance with MRTG

Mar 29, 2009

MRTG generates simple graphs for viewing network performance at a glance.

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Open Source Monitoring Tools Tuning in with Hobbit, Nagios, and monit

Mar 29, 2009

Open source tools such as Hobbit, Nagios, and monit provide system monitoring for large or small networks.

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Mar 29, 2009
Details are starting to emerge about a new plan from Microsoft to keep supporting Windows XP Home as a system for th......
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Android-ready: Rhodes 1.0, Ruby Framework for Mobile Applications

Mar 27, 2009

The first full version of the new Rhodes framework allows application developers to embed HTML in mobile devices, now also including Android.

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Free Software Awards for Creative Commons and Wietse Venema

Mar 25, 2009

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced the winners of its annual free software awards, with Richard Stallman as the presenter.

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Psyb0t Attacks Linux Routers

Mar 24, 2009

A botnet named psyb0t has been nesting for a few months in consumer devices that run on Linux with MIPS CPUs, notably routers. Infested devices connect through a botnet over a private Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server to await commands.

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