Linux Foundation Prepares Linux for IPv6

Nov 26, 2008

A workgroup of the Linux Foundation has been tasked to implement the IPv6 next-generation Internet protocol for Linux and can now report that its work meets U.S Department of Defense (DoD) mandate and certification requirements.

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Adobe Alchemy Creates Flash Applications with C and C++

Nov 25, 2008

Adobe Systems has issued a prerelease version of project Alchemy, a small tool that compiles C and C++ code for programs running on ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2). The idea is to expand the capabilities of Web applications running on Adobe Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5.

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Nov 21, 2008
Blender Rocks Europe German Webshop Solution Nordic Drupal Camp European Source Code Repository ...
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Mitchell Baker: Mozilla Defies Current Crisis

Nov 20, 2008

The Mozilla Foundation has published its audited financial statements and tax form for 2007. Chairperson Mitchell Baker uses the event to review Mozilla's performance and despite the current financial turmoil, sees good prospects for the future.

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Workspace: DokuWiki Word processing with DokuWiki

Nov 12, 2008

DokuWiki offers some capabilities not found in other web-based word processors. We'll show you how to build your own web-based word processing tool with DokuWiki and a few plugins.

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IPv6 Examining IPv6 on today’s Internet

Nov 12, 2008

Is the world ready for the next generation Internet Protocol? We take a look at Linux with IPv6.

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Gobby Collaborative editing of text documents

Nov 05, 2008

If you are looking for a tool for collaborative text editing across a network, Gobby might be the Gobby lets multiple users edit text documents collaboratively and discuss the changes online.

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Free Live Stream of Apachecon Keynotes

Nov 04, 2008

Linux Magazine is broadcasting a live stream from ApacheCon US 2008, LA, New Orleans (November 5 through 7). The keynotes from the developer conference are available free of charge.

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