Internet video organizer in Perl


Article from Issue 70/2006

Video files are ready for download, but your storage space is limited, and, if you're like most people, you may have a hard time letting go of past favorites. You need a higher authority to decide when it’s time to trim down your collection.

After filling up my disk with dozens of freely available videos in the course of a couple of weeks, I started to look around for a management software. Ideally, it would let me choose between available recordings, and, if space got tight, automatically and gracefully remove the old stuff that I hadn’t watched for weeks. In other words: I needed a Tivo. This digital video recorder (DVR) by the manufacturer of the same name and its clones are icons of US TV recording culture – ask any kid. The Tivo boxes have an easy to use interface that lets users record TV programs on disk for viewing some time later and skipping unwanted commercials. And instead of randomly turning on the TV and surfing channels, you select from a stack of programs previously recorded by the Tivo. With this “time-shifting” technology, viewers cut themselves loose from the broadcasting schedule and watch TV when they have the time.

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