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© Lead Image © Corina Rosu,

© Lead Image © Corina Rosu,

Article from Issue 223/2019

When setting up complex web-based services such as Drupal or Plone, there are many hurdles to overcome. Bitnami will make your job easier.

The task of installing servers – even on Linux – is often fraught with pitfalls; amateur admins face serious issues with finding all the dependencies and putting all the necessary pieces in place. Bitnami reduces the installation and configuration overhead associated with setting up a fully configured web server. The Bitnami project [1] provides complete packages, including the required infrastructure, and lets you install the whole stack all at once.

Bitnami is jointly developed and maintained by BitRock [2] and Bitnami, both from San Francisco, and it is available as free software under the Apache license. The individual stack components consist of the BitRock graphical installation program and the required server applications. Bitnami integrates the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) environment, which is often used with web applications, into the stack up front. Since the stacks run autonomously, like virtual machine (VM) appliances, they do not require clumsy and error-prone modifications to your Linux system.

In addition to providing a complete application stack, Bitnami also offers preconfigured VMs for some applications. Bitnami also provides some applications as cloud instances or Docker containers. The project offers numerous applications for free download, including WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, and Ruby.


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