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© Lead Image Photo by Adrian Korte on Unsplash

© Lead Image Photo by Adrian Korte on Unsplash

Article from Issue 228/2019

For a simple audio player, check out Sayonara Player, a great choice for enjoying all your favorite music, Internet radio, and podcasts.

Despite the popularity of Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Music, many music lovers prefer to listen to their own track collection instead of streaming. Sayonara Player helps you organize your music collection, but also integrates Internet radio and podcasts.

Audio players that focus on the essentials, and more importantly still work despite their leanness, are not common on Linux. This makes Sayonara Player [1] all the more surprising. It owes its speed to the fact that it was written in C++. The interface uses the Qt framework, which has a positive effect, because it does not appear overloaded. The simple audio player can be found in the package sources of many distributions and can be installed there using the respective package manager, for example, on Ubuntu and Fedora 29 (Listing 1).


To play music, first load it with File | Open File or, in the same submenu, with Open Directory. The songs you add appear bottom left in the playlist (Figure 1). If you press the button with the "d" (for dynamic load) below the playlist, Sayonara will empty the list automatically when loading new songs. If you click on the Add button, the player will add the new songs to the playlist.


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