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maddog's Brazilian Multimedia Challenge - and a YouTube Video

Feb 06, 2009 GMT

The "maddog Multimedia Brazilian Challenge" is over, and we had three winners. Unfortunately we also only had three entries, so the judging was not overly taxing. I learned quite a bit from this first "Multimedia Challenge". While I had listed the rules and a list of various pieces of multimedia software ahead of time, we did not announce the prizes until quite late. Therefore we only had 16 people sign up ahead of time. I did hear from some of the registered people who did not submit their entriesthat: the time was too short the event was too noisy and they did not have any quiet place to shoot the video they did not know how to install and use the free...
One of those magic times: On Friday the 13th!

Feb 01, 2009 GMT

"At 11:31:30pm UTC on Feb 13, 2009, Unix time will reach 1,234,567,890.Where will you be at this momentous second?" - from Bell Labs This will be Friday, February 13th at 1831 and 30 seconds EST. If you want to find out what time it will be in your local time, try this Perl script courtesy of Matias Palomec: perl -e 'print scalar localtime(1234567890),"\n";' Now if there was any reason to fear Friday the 13th, I think this is it. That many numbers sequentially in a row representative of time? Who knows what will stop working? Will lex(1) cease to work, will yacc(1)severywhere revolt? Will the rapture be upon us? I remember asking Alan Cox about UNIX (note that I...
Last Day of Campus Party

Jan 24, 2009 GMT

It is the last day of Campus Party, Brazil but things are still going strong. Saturday means that a lot of people that could not get here during the week are coming out to see what Campus Party is all about. If you are living here in Sao Paulo, it is still not too late to experience it. Participants are now going around taking pictures of the old friends they have seen and the new friends they have met. My friend, Wagner Pinto, who has been sitting across from me the entire week fell asleep at his keyboard earlier today, earphones stuck in his ear. I captured a picture of this and stuck it on my under my name 'maddog a.k.a "Jon" Hall' on my Orkut page Wagner was a good sport...
Entrepreneurs and Free Software

Jan 20, 2009 GMT

How does a young innovator get advice about how to bring their product or services to market? How do they get the attention of knowledgable people who act as a Venture Capitalist or can make those connections for them? Here at Campus Party, one segement is called "CP Labs", and so far they have over seventy projects that will be presenting over the course of the next week to a panel of experts who will help give them a neutral evaluation of their projects from a commercial standpoint. I just watched a presentation of a project called "PageStacker" which previously had won an Honorable Mention in another contest. While I did not understand everything that was said...
Campus Party Brazil

Jan 19, 2009 GMT

It is -10 degrees Celcius at my home in New Hampshire, but I am in Sao Paulo Brazil with a balmy temperature of +25 degrees Celcius. Hmmm...35 degrees Celcius difference....enough to cause me to shatter if I were to transport here.... But fortunately I am at the first day of Campus Party, and the participants are starting to arrive with their computers, robots, astronomy gear, etc. All I really had to bring was by USB key with Linux on it, but I admit to bringing a stuffed Tux and a few other odds and ends. A lot of the participants of this week-long event will be sleeping in tents. The tents this year were sponsored by Speedy Xtreme and Telefonica, and look like the bottoms of blue...
Prizes for the "maddog's Multi-media Challenge" - and how everybody wins!

Jan 11, 2009 GMT

I previously blogged about the "maddog Brazilian Multi-media Challenge" that is going to be at Campus Party in Sao Paulo Brazil on January 19th to 25th but I decided to update that blog entry with news about the prizes that will be offered, which I think might be interesting to people even if they are not going to Campus Party. While looking around for more Free Software for Multi-media work, I found yet another compilation from a group called 64Studio. It seemed comprehensive, and had some good reviews around it. While investigating that distribution I found a link to the Trinity Audio Group and the Indamixx portable studio. The Indamixx uses the Free Software of the 64Studio...
Campus Party Brazil - maddog's challenge - multimedia and Free Software

Jan 04, 2009 GMT

Campus Party is going to be held January 19th to 25th in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have been asked to create a "challenge" for the attendees.I have long had a fascination with automated musical instruments (player pianos, player reed organs), and while I sometimes struggled with higher mathematics while attending Drexel University, I have developed an appreciation of how math, music and computers fit together, so I decided to anchor the "maddog challenge" around digital multimedia.This year the challenge will be to create a one or two minute video or audio "advertisement", suitable for displaying on the web in sites such as YouTube and others, but captured, edited...

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