Desktop Testing: LDTP 1.0.0 Released

Feb 26, 2008

Three years after the initial version, the Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP) has finally released version 1.0.

The test software uses the C and Python programming languages. It is designed to use the Cspi library to penetrate the GUI desktop.

Libcspi is part of the Atspi bundle in the Gnome barrier free project. Users can use test scripts to automatically test their desktop environments for functionality or usability. The LDTP test architecture includes scripts that rely on the LDTP API. The interface uses a Unix socket or TCP to communicate with the engine. The application under test (AUT) is tied in with the engine by the AT-SPI library. The tools and technology is based on the Software Automation Framework, an Open Source framework by SAS.

The LDTP architecture starts with the test script written by the user. Under the hood the AT-SPI library connects the application under test with the engine.

The project’s download page lists RPM packages for 32 and 64 bit x86 platforms. Packages are also available for Debian and Gentoo, although the Debian package is currently in "unstable". Besides this, there are Solaris versions and the source code. The project opted for the Lesser General Public License (LGPL), also known as the GNU Library. In contrast to GPL’d software, LGPL-licensed software can be used in non-free products.

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