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UEFI and Secure Boot

No Free Boots


The imminent Windows 8 implementation of UEFI with Secure Boot adds an extra layer of complexity for some Linux users. We look at the problem and two solutions from Fedora and Canonical.

NEWS: Tech Tools

Protect Sensitive Data on Android with Secret Space Encryptor

Productivity Sauce


Protect your Documents with GPG



You may have already tried PGP/GPG public key encryption for documents or mail, but do you know what’s going on under the hood and what level of security you’re actually getting? We take an in-depth look at GnuPG encryption.

The sys admin’s daily grind: haveged Random Release

SYSADMIN: Random Release

Linux security in the cloud

SYSADMIN: Cloud Concerns

HTML5 – Building a better botnet

SYSADMIN: Web Attacks 3.0

HTTPS Extension Adds Default SSL Browsing to Firefox


Protecting your USB sticks with encryption

COVER STORIES: Atick Security

The sys admin's daily grind: Single-packet authentication

SYSADMIN: Key Experience

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