KEY EXPERIENCE The sys admin's daily grind: Single-packet authentication

Aug 26, 2008

Conventional, woodpecker-style port knocking is open to sniffing and brute force knocking attacks. Sending an encrypted packet with an access request to the server is safer and more modern. Learn more about Firewall Knock Operator, a.k.a. Fwknop.

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Grendel Scan 1.0: Automatic Security Check for Web Applications

Aug 13, 2008

Grendel Scan version 1.0, a Web application testing tools, was introduced at the Defcon Security Conference in Las Vegas.

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OpenVPN counters censorship Open Source Software Helps Surmount China's "Great Firewall" Instrument Of Censorship

Aug 06, 2008

Journalists at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing will not have unfettered access to the Internet. However, GPL software OpenVPN can be used to easily circumvent such censorship.

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Tracing Intruders Intro Examining the art of computer forensics

Jul 31, 2008

You don't need expensive proprietary tools to practice the craft of computer forensics.

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Investigating Windows Systems Investigating Windows systems with Linux

Jul 31, 2008

A forensics expert explains how to extract interesting details from a confiscated Windows hard disk using standard Linux tools.

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Address Protection Fending off spam before it reaches your filter

Jul 10, 2008

Sometimes the best way to keep spam out of your mailbox is to keep the spammers from getting your address.

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BackTrack Looking for security holes with BackTrack

Jul 09, 2008

The BackTrack live distribution lets you act like an intruder to test your network’s security.

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Netfilter's Recent Module Building a dynamic blacklist with Netfilter's Recent module

Jul 07, 2008

Netfilter’s Recent module builds a temporary blacklist to keep intruders off your network.

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