Automated Solution by TCS Hardens Red Hat Servers

Aug 22, 2007

US security vendor Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS) recently presented a solution for automating server hardening.

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Novell Acquires Specialist for Security Management

Aug 14, 2007

Novell is extending its portfolio of enterprise management solutions with its acquisition of Senforce Technologies, an endpoint security management specialist.

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Samba Antivirus Integrating a realtime antivirus scanner with Samba

Dec 01, 2006

Realtime virus scanning at the file server is an elegant and efficient option for protecting Windows clients. We’ll show you some tools and techniques for realtime scanning with Samba.

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Squid Bridge HTTP proxy with caching and content filtering on a bridge

Nov 01, 2006

Caching proxies remember web pages and serve them up locally, saving both money and time. The most intelligent members of this family also remove dangerous content and provide transparent bridging.

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Singwall Building a Netfilter firewall module

Oct 01, 2006

We’ll show you how to build your own Netfilter extension with this example of a musical firewall.

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Apache ModSecurity Better protection with Apache’s ModSecurity module

Aug 01, 2006

The Apache ModSecurity module provides extra protection for your web server. We'll show you why this optional application firewall is quickly becoming a favorite of webmasters and security experts.

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SELinux Mandatory Access Control with SELinux

Aug 01, 2006

SELinux provides a comprehensive Mandatory Access Control system for Linux, if you are ready for all the details.

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AppArmor vs. SELinux Novell and Red Hat security experts face off on AppArmor and SELinux

Aug 01, 2006

Security Enhanced Linux or App Armor? Linux Magazine invited two well-known personalities from Red Hat and Novell to debate the merits of their security systems.

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