Java Anonymous Proxy Anonymous surfing with Java Anonymous Proxy

Oct 31, 2005

Many Websites log IP addresses and access times to identify users. If you don’t want to wind up as data in someone’s market research, the Java Anonymous Proxy will keep your surfing secret.

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Squid proxy server Implementing a home proxy server with Squid

Oct 31, 2005

A proxy server provides safer and more efficient surfing. Although commercial proxy solutions are available, all you really need is Linux and an old PC in the attic.

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XSA Attack Stopping the cross-site authentication attack

Oct 31, 2005

A new form of phishing attack deposits an HTML tag on the vulnerable service to trap users into authenticating.

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Web Filters Privoxy and Webcleaner content filters

Sep 30, 2005

Content filters protect a web user’s privacy and keep the flood of unsolicited advertising at bay. We’ll show you a pair of popular Open Source content filters.

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Socks 5 Examining the generic Socks version 5 proxy protocol

Jun 30, 2005

Socks is a universal proxy protocol for TCP and UDP that allows internal hosts to securely pass the firewall and authenticates users. This article describes the latest version of the Socks proxy protocol and shows how to implement it.

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Anonymous Email Anonymous Remail with Mixmaster

Apr 30, 2005

Anonymous remail protects the sender’s identity against potential eavesdroppers. The Mixmaster protocol gives users a mature technology for anonymous remail, and the text-based Mixmaster client is an example of a free remailer application.

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Admin Workshop Identd Insider Tips: Identd with Linux-based Servers

Mar 31, 2005

In last month’s issue of Admin Workshop, we introduced tools that help admins get services up and running. This month, we will show how you can use the Ident protocol to associate a user name with a TCP connection.

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USB WLAN Adapters Testing USB WLAN Adapters

Jan 31, 2005

Electronic gadgets keep on getting smaller,and WLAN adapters are no exception.The first USB WLAN sticks hit the stores last year.This article tells you what to look for and how to get your USB WLAN device to work.

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