Project management with Taskjuggler


Article from Issue 61/2005

Taskjuggler is a handy project management tool for large or small projects. We’ll show you how to organize a simple remodeling job with Taskjuggler.

If your memory is less than perfect, you can easily lose track of complex tasks. A written to-do list is an important first step, but the right software tools can really help you plan your projects. This article guides you through a simple remodeling job to demonstrate the use of the Taskjuggler [1] project management tool. Just imagine you finally decide to get serious about refitting your bathroom – a project you have been postponing for years. As the manager of this project, you will need to know which tasks have to happen when, what kind of help you will need, and most importantly, when you will finally be able to take a bath in your new tub. Our project management software is Taskjuggler [1] by Chris Schläger and Klaas Freitag. Taskjuggler is an open source tool released under the GNU GPL license.

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