Building Digital Libraries with Greenstone


Article from Issue 67/2006

The Greenstone suite helps you build your own digital library.

Posting documents on the web is easy, but librarians, archivists, and other experts need more sophisticated systems for organizing information within digital collections. One option is to build a network of static outlines and indexes, but that alternative is often too inflexible, requiring high overhead and constant updates. Other digital collections use homegrown scripts and other custom tools, but these tools also require high overhead and continual maintenance. An efficient alternative for open source users who want to build fast and flexible digital collections is Greenstone. Greenstone is a suite of tools you can use to build your own digital library. The Greenstone suite not only indexes your documents but also provides an interface for defining and organizing metadata. Greenstone gives collection managers a headstart in the task of creating a smart and highly structured digital library.

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