Virtualization with IBM’s System p servers



IBM has been in the virtualization business for decades. We’ll show you around the award-winning virtualization environment for IBM System p series servers.

In all the recent talk about virtualization, the name IBM is rarely mentioned, even though IBM has used virtual machines for decades on its mainframes. The experience with mainframes allowed IBM to create one of the most sophisticated Linux virtualization environments on the market today – the IBM System p, based on Power5 and Power6 processors. In fact, IBM won the prize for the best virtualization solution at LinuxWorld, August 2006 in San Francisco. In this article, I will show you how to get up and running with the System p virtualization environment.

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Virtualization_on_System_p.pdf  (179.70 kB)

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Read full article as PDF:

Virtualization_on_System_p.pdf  (179.70 kB)


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