A little Linux with more bite than bark



We’ll play with Puppy Linux, a well-trained little Live CD Linux that requires minimal housebreaking.

Linux distributions now come with polished interfaces and all kinds of eye candy. Compared with other distributions, Puppy Linux looks dated and less attractive. Puppy Linux might not win any beauty contests, but it’s what is inside that matters. If you are willing to look beyond its appearance, you’ll discover a gem of a Linux distribution.

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  • Puppy

    I am a happy pupster who does not give a fig what the desktop art looks like. Right now I use 4.31 (standard edition) and am quite happy. The fewer tricks the faster my Pup goes. Also noteworthy is the fact that when one is limited to dialup because of where one lives (like me) a little better downloading speed is much appreciated. With Debian I rarely saw more than 1kbs, with Ubuntu rarely saw more than 2.2 kbs but with the Pup it's always at least 3.5 up to 5kbs steadily (browser independent). Sure I wish I had broadband. But I got the dog.

    OK if was going to rant I'd mention that the Pup continues to support we poor souls who use dialup. Ubuntu? Forget those guys. 8.04 was the last time they included the wvdial gui. Why? Who knows? Maybe Mark Shuttleworth doesn't know or care. For sure someone does not. Puppy does though. Ease of access to the net coupled with reasonably fast downloading. I forgot to mention no "blue screens" either. Boy do those suck.

    Some day this very senior citizen will learn enough to crank out his own Puplet. I think I'll call it "Geezer Pup" and it will feature desktop pictures of the Gibson Girls. So Google that one and live a little kids.

    Thanks Puppy... "Housebroken right out of the box" Like we used to say during WW2... while prone in the muck somewhere in the Pacific, "I just love this shit......"

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Read full article as PDF:

Puppy_Linux.pdf (594.14 kB)


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