This month's DVD includes the innovative SLAMPP Linux, a one-stop server system for small offices and home networks. SLAMPP, which runs Live on the DVD without installation, comes with a pre-configured collection of tools for serving up HTTP, FTP, SSH, DHCP, and email. You'll also find several popular programming languages and a sophisticated collection of developer tools. The Webmin graphic admin utility offers easy management of SLAMPP services, and a sensible selection of desktop applications, including OpenOffice 3.1, Blender 2.49, and Totem 2.26.1 round out the set.


Linux kernel

Xfce 4.6.1 desktop

Apache 2.2.11

PureFTPd 1.0.21

vsftpd 2.1.2

QmailRocks SMTP 2.2.1

Courier-IMAP 3.0.8

BIND 9.4.3

Squid Proxy 3.0-Stable14

OpenSSH 5.2p1

Samba 3.2.13

CUPS 1.3.11

PHP 5.2.10

Perl 5.10.0

Python 2.6.2

Ruby 1.8.7

MySQL 5.0.82

PostgreSQL 8.3.7

GCC 4.3.3

Webmin 1.400

Iceweasel 3.0.10

Opera 9.64

OpenOffice 3.1.0

System Requirements

CPU: i586 or better – Pentium or AMD.

Memory: 256MB minimum. More memory is recommended.

Hard Disk: No hard disk is required. SLAMPP will run off the DVD, unless you choose to install it permanently.

Peripherals: Keyboard; PS/2 or USB Mouse (for X Window only). Serial (COM) mouse can be used but is not automatically recognized.

BIOS: Non-emulation DVD boot enabled.

Additional Resources



[3] SLAMPP Blog:

[4] Slackware:

[5] Zenwalk:

DVD Boot

Place this DVD in the drive and restart your system. If your computer doesn't start, make sure your BIOS is configured to boot from a DVD. Enter the BIOS setup menu (see your vendor documentation), make sure DVD boot is enabled, and make sure the DVD drive appears before the hard drive in the boot order.

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