Keeping your computer safe with Linux

Rescue Me


When thinking about ways you could rescue your system with Linux, the thought occurred to me: Why not rescue your life? Because that’s what Linux can do for you.

I like to think that I am a good cook, but not a good chef. To me, the difference between a cook and a chef is that a cook is someone who can use basic cooking skills and put together some decent and simple food, usually by following a recipe. A chef is someone who creates wonderful and new food by understanding how food works together. Give a cook some eggs, peppers, and cheese, and they’ll probably whip up a decent western omelet. Chefs could take the same ingredients and put together something like a pepper-infused cheese soufflé, just off the top of their heads.

Using Linux is a lot like being a cook in a world where it’s easy to open a box, boil some dry goods, and call it macaroni and cheese – when you could just as easily and with a little more time make homemade mac and cheese that would be infinitely better tasting and even better for you.

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