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Network Audit

Article from Issue 201/2017

Securing networks against attackers is not a trivial task. The Network Security Toolkit is a convenient solution for users who want to keep a collection of security tools in easy reach.

One of the administrator's most important tasks is keeping the managed network free from malicious software and intruders. You can't wait until the milk is spilled; you need to anticipate possible vulnerabilities and close them based on thorough analysis.

The Linux environment is home to many security tools; you first need to separate the chaff from the wheat – or maybe choose a distribution that specializes in security. For years, the Network Security Toolkit (NST) [1] has been carefully maintained and developed; it offers a veritable plethora of test and inspection tools that help to root out even the most exotic vulnerabilities.

Getting Started

The Fedora-based NST comes as a 2.8GB 64-bit ISO [2]. The hybrid image can be deployed from an optical disk, a USB stick, or a virtual machine (VM).


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