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Programming Snapshot – YouTube Metadata

Article from Issue 209/2018

Instead of manually editing the metadata of YouTube movies, video craftsman Mike Schilli dips into YouTube’s API spell book and lets a script automatically do the work.

If one day someone should invite me onto a TV talk show, in which I could brag about my best productivity tricks, I would say this: The most effective way forward is to be able to make quick changes at any time, which you can revert later on – just as quickly and almost without loss – if they turn out to be duds.

Software development with Git is a good example of this: Git makes it possible to boldly add new functions to programs in huge leaps or to rearrange the code on a large scale. If the whole thing turns out to be a crazy idea after a while, the developer simply reverts everything in just a second without anyone noticing what pipe dreams they were chasing in the meantime.

That's why I religiously put everything I produce under version control. My blog posts, my articles, my programs: The version control system lets me revert to yesterday's status at any time should the need arise, and for any reason.


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