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© Lead Image © ssilver,

© Lead Image © ssilver,

Article from Issue 214/2018

The CYA script helps you back up system files, which you can then restore quickly in case of an emergency.

It is always surprising how many users skip regular backups. This negligence can hit you hard when least expected. Backup software generally backs up directories, partitions, or an entire installation.

Some backup tools are used to back up and restore the operating system itself, not the user data. CYA, for instance, is an 80KB Bash script based on rsync that lets the user keep a copy of the system close at hand. CYA stands for "Cover Your Ass(ets)" – I think we all get the gist. CYA does not try to overload you with a graphical interface; instead, it lets you start the backup with a single command – or even automatically.


According to the developer, the CYA script, which was developed by Cyberweb Solutions, can create snapshots of any Linux or BSD distribution – and theoretically, even of any system that offers Bash and rsync. CYA understands how to handle most Linux filesystems, including ZFS and Btrfs. The software is licensed under a BSD license, so anyone can view and modify the code for their own use. You can run CYA automatically with systemd or cron or integrate it into scripts.


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