Article from Issue 214/2018

DocFetcher is a practical local search tool that is easy to configure and use – even for large data collections.

Modern operating systems take up several Gigabytes of space just for the many application programs, and they sometimes contain up to several hundred thousand individual files. If you add your extensive music or photo collection, you can quickly lose track.

Modern desktop environments offer indexing and search applications for existing data, and the Linux environment includes several special search programs. However, many of these programs are not very intuitive, and some even expect you to install a database as a backend. In addition, many of the tools often do not support full-text searches. If you are looking for a lean, practical, and powerful search tool for your workstation, DocFetcher is a very interesting alternative.

You can download the Java application from the project page, where you will also find installation instructions [1]. As a prerequisite, you need a reasonably up-to-date Java runtime environment; DocFetcher harmonizes perfectly with the current OpenJDK environments, which you can usually install directly from your distribution's software repositories.


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