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© Lead Image Photo by Jenelle Ball on Unsplash

© Lead Image Photo by Jenelle Ball on Unsplash

Article from Issue 215/2018

RSS feed readers bring order and clarity to the jungle of new news.

In the face of ubiquitous ad trackers, a lack of transparency, and the abundance of spam in Facebook and Twitter news timelines, Wired magazine recently praised the virtues of Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds [1] and even predicted that they will make a comeback.

RSS is an XML-based format used by blogs, news sites, and other web content providers to publish news posts in a machine-readable form. A client application, called a news aggregator or RSS reader, lets the user subscribe to various RSS sources and assemble the incoming stories into a single customized news stream.

RSS is still alive and well, although it has lost some attention recently with the arrival of modern-day social media platforms. If you want to define your own diverse news sources without depending on Facebook or another social media engine, the time is right for exploring the rich array of content choices available through RSS.


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