Identify mounted filesystems


Article from Issue 222/2019

Tools like mount and findmnt reveal which partitions and filesystems are mounted on your computer.

When creating a boot medium or expanding a system, you often need to create a new partition or add a filesystem to an existing partition. Selecting the wrong device can cost you valuable data.

Tools like partx, fdisk/cfdisk, gdisk/cgdisk, mount, lsblk, and findmnt help you discover which partitions and filesystems are present on the system and where they are currently mounted. We take you on a quick tour of some of these partition and filesystem tools, which are found on most of the standard Linux distributions.

Disk Tools

To make sure that you pass the correct parameters to the commands, you first need an overview of the volumes that exist on the system. The partx program will help you here. The --show switch tells it to list the individual partitions (Figure 1).


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