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Article from Issue 227/2019

DIY tools and shell scripts can make for a smooth photographic workflow on Linux.

Photographic workflow is more than just keeping tabs on your photo library and processing RAW files. There are plenty of other tasks you might want to manage: from backing up RAW files and photos when you are on the move, to publishing your best work on the web.

Developing custom tools that keep a photographic workflow smooth is arguably as much fun as taking photos. So for several years now, I've been working on a number of simple applications and scripts that I use on a daily basis. All the tools described in this article are released under the GPLv3 license.

Little Backup Box

When you are traveling, having a backup of all your photos and RAW files makes a lot of sense. Even if your camera has two card slots, it still pays to have a separate backup on a different storage media. Of course, you can spend serious money on something like WD My Passport Wireless SSD. Aside from the price, this otherwise clever device has one major drawback: You can't tweak, extend, or upgrade it. Theoretically, you can upgrade storage, but doing this requires neurosurgery-level skills and most certainly voids the warranty. And as soon as the battery inside the device dies, you are left with an expensive paperweight.


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