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Dmitri Popov
PasteVault: Easy Way to Send Sensitive Info

Sep 23, 2013 GMT

Need to send sensitive info via email? PasteVault provides a simple solution to the problem. The way the service works is simple: enter the text you want to encrypt, specify an expiration period, and enter a decryption password. Hit the Create Private Encrypted Link button, and PasteVault generates the text containing the encrypted link along with the password. Paste the snippet into your email and send it. The recipient then can click on the link to decrypt the text using the provided password. This approach doesn't require any additional software installed on your and the recipient's machine, it's straightforward...
Quick Directory Navigation from the Command Line

Aug 24, 2013 GMT

Jeroen Janssens has recently shared a neat little hack that allows you to bookmark often-used directory paths in the terminal and quickly jump to any of the bookmarked directories. The way the hack works is simple: several custom functions in the .bashrc file are used to create and remove symbolic links in the ~/.marks directory as well as quickly jump to a specific bookmarks. So to make the hack work on your system, add the following code to the ./bashrc file: export MARKPATH=$HOME/.marks function jump { cd -P "$MARKPATH/$1" 2>/dev/null || echo "No such mark: $1" } function mark { mkdir -p "$MARKPATH"; ln -s "$(pwd)"...
Set up Your Own Firefox Sync Server with Weave Minimal

Aug 19, 2013 GMT

Using the Sync feature in Firefox, you can keep browser data in sync between different devices and platforms. By default, Firefox syncs data using the service maintained by Mozilla, but it's easy to set up your own synchronization server courtesy of the Weave Minimal software. First of all, make sure that the Python setuptools package is installed on your system. On Debian and Ubuntu-based distibutions, the package can be installed by running the apt-get install python-setuptools command as root. Once you've done that, run the easy_install -U weave-minimal as root to install the Weave Minimal server. You can then run the server using the weave-minimal --enable-registration command.Next...
Change Default Search Engine in Firefox for Android

Aug 15, 2013 GMT

I've been using Ixquick as my primary search engine lately, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. In fact, I like it so much that I decided to set it as the default search engine on Firefox for Android. It turned out, though, that this is not as straightforward as I expected. Here is how this can be done. In Firefox for Android, navigate to, search for ixquick, and install the Ixquick HTTPS Privacy Search Engine add-on in the usual manner. Once you've done that, tap on the Menu button in Firefox and choose Tools | Add-ons. Tap then the Ixquick HTTPS item and tap the Set as Default...
Bye-bye Pocket, Hello Poche!

Aug 08, 2013 GMT

Finally, there is a self-hosted open source alternative to Pocket and Instapaper. Poche is a relatively new project, but it already shows a lot of promise. The application is easy to deploy and it provides all basic functionality which lets you save web pages for later perusal. Written in PHP, Poche will happily run on a machine with the Apache web server, PHP, and the SQLite database engine. To install Poche, grab the latest version of the application from the project's website, unpack the downloaded archive, rename the resulting directory to poche, and move it to the root of your server. Make the poche directory writable by the server using the chown www-data -R poche command, and point...
Track Your Expenses with Budget for Android

Jul 31, 2013 GMT

Keeping track of your expenses is the first step to minimizing them, and Budget with envelopes (or just Budget) can help you with that with a minimum of fuss. This open source app is simplicity itself, which is a positively good thing: an expense app that requires you to go through a convoluted procedure of adding an expense every time you buy a cup of coffee is not of much use after all. Clever design is another highlight of Budget. The app is based around an envelope metaphor, where each envelope represents an expense type (Books, Food, Travel, etc.). You can create as many envelopes as you need, and then add funds...
Build Databases on Palm Device with Pilot-DB

Jul 30, 2013 GMT

I love the technology of yesteryear. That's why I prefer to shoot with my trusty Nikon F-501 film SLR. Film photography can be a great learning experience, but the lack of EXIF data makes mastering the basics more tricky. After all, knowing what aperture and shutter speed values were used in a specific situation can come in rather handy. To solve the problem I enlisted the help of another vintage device: Sony CliƩ PEG-NX73V. When launched almost a decade ago, it was mind-boggingly expensive, but I bought mine on eBay for peanuts. This Palm OS-based device from Sony features a swanky design, it runs for weeks on a single charge, and it's reasonably fast. More importantly, there are many...


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