Autonomous Linux Sailboat to Research Whales

Jan 19, 2010

The ASV Roboat has made a name for itself in many robotic sailboat competitions, and now a real research project is in store for the Linux-powered vessel.

The robot sailboat's target is research into the Pacific whale population in cooperation with the marine biology department of the Oregon State University. One advantage of the Roboat is that it can research large geographic areas over long periods of time at low cost. According to project leader Roland Stelzer, the research project will take place within the next two to three years and will end with a research mission in Hawaii. The sailboat's operation uses no human intervention; instead, it relies on sensor data and AI, and it is energy self-sufficient.
The Austrian Association for Innovative Computer Science (InnoC) team responsible for the Roboat also intends to secure a win with it at the World Robotic Sailing Championship 2010 that runs June 7-10 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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